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Our Passions are Design, Art, and Restoration.

Great consciousness of materials, different styles, and great use of color palettes and space development.


After the project briefs, the aim is always to surpass client expectations.


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Commercial Cases studies

The key of this project is to restore
and maintain intact the layout of
the warehouse.
This global center Hotel takes
inspiration from the Terracotta,
which is the main material used
here, for his porous body and its

Terra Boutique Hotel

Leica Flagship Store

The Leica HQ building shape, has been the focus point for this contemporary and vibrant
The store has been realized to generate different areas to be used from customers to
The brand’s strong colors palette has been kept intact to
reflect the Leica DNA.

Residential - Cases studies

Modern and contemporary finishes are developed for this Victorian house.
The color palette is inspired by Juan Miro’ s last studio located in Majorca (Island in Spain) to create a cozy and surrealist nest for this young Sydney couple.

casa miro'

 Fenwick Warehouse

Minimal intervention possible and high end contemporary finishes have been used to approached this heritage-listed waterfront building to don’t ruin his characteristic. 


Open Baladin venues

 Open is an innovative project led to the opening of special venues aimed at disseminating the culture of Italian craft beer around the world and shake the industry of  craft beers and pubs.




Paint Pots and Color Wheel

Colour Consultation

Space Planning

Spatial Planning

Yellow Lounge Chair

Furniture Styling 

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